Gym & Spa

Escape through Vi spa for an on hour, an afternoon or an entire day of total personal pampering. Vispa located on 2nd floor of May De Ville Old Quarter  - 43 Gia Ngư  street, less than 5 minutes from Hoan Kiem Lake – the heart and the soul of Hanoi. As soon as you enter our day spa, you will experience the peace and tranquility our city is known for.

There are lots of massage style in Vi spa, from our signature Synergy treatment to traditional herbal hot compress massage that applies the ancient techniques to relieve muscle pain, improve blood circulation and support body healing. In aditition to our full range of customized treatments: manicure, pedicure, waxing services, massage therapy, skin care and body treatments, you will discover a meaningful place where guests are able to break away from the stressful daily life and experience true inner peace… Where else can you experience a closer to nature activity with your friend?

Payment methods: We accept cash and major Credit Cards such as: Visa, Master Card, American Express…

Working Time: daily open from 09:00 am to 10:30 pm

Amazing package 5h30’  2.000.000 VND

(Offer drink & food )

Sauna 20’

Body scrub with salt 30’

Dead Sea mud wrap 30’

Aroma massage 60’

Basic facial care 60’

Foot massage 60’

Manicure & Pedicure color 

(Offer drink & food )

Sauna 20’

Body scrub with salt 30’

Fruit body wrap 30’

Aroma massage 30’

Basic facial care 30’

Foot massage 30’

(Offer drink & food )


Sauna 20’

Aroma massage 60’

Basic facial care 60’

Foot treatment  80’

Sauna 20’

Body scrub with coffee 30’

Aroma massage 60’

Basic facial care 60’

The Vispa experience 2hrs  840.000

Sauna 20’

Fruit body scrub 30’

Aroma massage 60’

FOOT AND HAND CARE        Price x 1,000 VND

Foot massage 60’  290

(Helps balance your body by focusing on your feet to stimulate the body energy points.)

Foot massage with hotstone 60’ 350

Foot spa 75’     400

(Foot scrub + massage )

Foot treatment 80’   500

(Foot scrub + massage + paraffin mask )

Spa pedicure 60’      300

(Scrub + pedicure color)

Spa manicure 60’    300

(Scrub + manicure color)

Nails color   40

Nails repair 60

French manicure   120

Manicure color      100

Pedicure color       100

Gel nail ( Manicure or Pedicure)    300

FACIAL CARE     Pricex 1,000 VND

Revive your face with a deep cleanse and  moisturizing using the finest skin care products. With each kind of facial care in our spa, we use the best products from Dead Sea and Jean D’Arcel ( Germany).

With 4 basic steps:

Cleanse: Using fresh milk and sensitive skin face cream to clean your face with warm mineral water.

Steam and Scrub: Steaming the face pores helps to relax blood circulation. During steam time, the therapist will use scrub cream to take dead skin off your face using soft massage therapy.

Massage: The third step, which is an important step in the process of facial care is massage. The therapist will use the method of acupressure and gentle massage to help your skin completely relax.

Facial Mask: Finally we use special masks depending on your skill type to cover your face. The mask helps your face skin to become smoother, stronger and brighter.

Facial care with seasonal fruit 60’     400

Basic facial care  60’   450

Skin whitening and increasing moisture  60’  500

Face acnes care 70’  550

Anti-aging facial with collagen mask  75’  650

BODY MASSAGE     Price x 1,000 VND

                                          60’              75’               90’             120’

Aroma massage

                                  400             480                560              720

(A throughly soothing body massage using specially blended esssential oils)

Thai massage with oil

                                       400             480                560             720

(This is strong and joint-cracking massage uses both palm and thumb force to concentrate on pressure points over the whole body, help relax muscles and create an overall sense of well-being.)

Traditional Thai massage

                                       430             510                599              775

( Thai massage without oil)

Hot stone massage

                                  75’ – 560                           90’- 650

(This treatment blends the therapeutic properties of heated basalt stones with swedish massage techiques to deeply penetrate tight muscles, improve circulation and promote a sense of well-being)

Deep tissue                 75’  - 600

(This firm and masterful massage originated from Japanese acupressure techniques. If focuses on deeply pressing on tender or sensitive points that help stimulate blood flow, release toxins, and allow the body to naturally heal itself.)

Synergy massage          90’- 650

(A combination massage utilizing the best of Thai, Shiatu and Aroma massage techniques to stimu         ate the body’s meridians; resulting in energy, balance and restoring health.)

Head and shoulder          30’- 250

Herbal hot compress treatment   75’- 550

(This involves an aroma massage followed by a hot compression treatment using traditional herbal medicine.)

BODY TREATMENT                             Price x 1,000 VND

Body scrub

A deep cleaning and exfoliating treatment using mineral sea salt or naturalingredients to remove all dead skin, helping skin to be stronger with more vitamins.

Body srub with salt                30’      400

Body scrub with coffee         30’      400

Fruits body scrub                   30’      400

Body scrub with green tea   30’     420

Body wrap

The power of natural vitamins and minerals in hernessed in a range of effective body treatments. All our body wrap treatments contain heal  ing ingredients for exceptional skin calming and hydrating effects.

Fruit body wrap                       30’     400

Dead Sea mud wrap               30’      400

Body scrub and massage       60’      650

Steam bath                              20’      100

WAXING                 price x 1,000 VND

Wax chin:        120                  Under arms:       120

Half arms:       210                  Bikini line:           300

Full arms:        250                  Bikini full:            450

Lower legs:     300                  Upper lip            120

Full legs:         450                 Eye brow:            120

Back:              400                 Chest:                 400